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splash +‎ -er


splasher (plural splashers)

  1. Someone who splashes.
    • 1915, Nell Speed, Molly Brown's Orchard Home[1]:
      They gave her room, all right, especially if her medium happened to be water color, as Judy was a grand splasher and spared neither water nor paint.
  2. (dated) A guard to keep off splashes from anything; especially, one of the guards over the wheels of a carriage, locomotive, etc. [1]
    Synonym: splashguard
    • 1944 November and December, “Modified G.W.R. "Hall" Class Locomotives”, in Railway Magazine, page 350:
      No. 6959 is painted in the standard wartime black livery and, like its immediate predecessors, does not carry a nameplate, but the words "Hall Class" have been painted on the middle coupled-wheel splasher.
  3. (MLE, slang) A knife (for it does wettings).
    Synonyms: jooka ~ jooker, nank, shank, bassy, rambo, pokey, chete
    • 2020 August 13, Blacz (lyrics and music), “TwentyTwo”‎[2], 1:21–1:26:
      Juice man up with this 15 inch
      Like, now I got blood on my splasher


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