strawberry blonde

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Alternative forms[edit]


strawberry blonde (comparative more strawberry blonde, superlative most strawberry blonde)

  1. An uncommon hair colour that is a combination of blonde and red. Strawberry blonde hair appears blonde in dim light, but when exposed to sun or a bright light, the hair may assume a slight tinge of pink or red color.
    strawberry blonde:  



strawberry blonde (plural strawberry blondes)

  1. A person, especially a female, who has hair of this colour.
    • 1895, John F. Palmer (lyrics), Charles B. Ward (music), "The Band Played On" (song), Chorus:
      Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde,
      And the band played on. . . .
      He'd ne'er leave the girl with the strawberry curls,
      And the band played on.
  2. A cocktail comprising one part vodka to two parts cherry brandy to three parts cola topped with a dash of cream and stirred gently with a swizzle stick before serving.