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Alternative forms[edit]


strong +‎ arm


strong-arm (not comparable)

  1. Bullying; extortionate.
  2. (usually figuratively) Coercive, employing force.


strong-arm (third-person singular simple present strong-arms, present participle strong-arming, simple past and past participle strong-armed)

  1. To bully; to intimidate.
    • 2001, Bob Dylan, “Floater (Too Much to Ask)” from the album Love and Theft,
      One of the boss’ hangers-on
      Comes to call at times you least expect
      Try to bully ya—strong-arm you—inspire you with fear
  2. (often figuratively) To coerce, to muscle.


strong-arm (plural strong-arms)

  1. A person who threatens or intimidates others, especially on behalf of somebody else; a goon or enforcer.
    • 2000, Irving Shulman, The Big Brokers
      There used to be a goon I knew in the Bronx—a tough mockie we used to call Yussel the Bricklayer—and you never saw a guy who was more screwed up. This guy Yussel would've been a strongarm for nothing, he enjoyed it so much.