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From sub +‎ petō.



suppetō (present infinitive suppetere, perfect active suppetīvī, supine suppetītum); third conjugation

  1. I am available, present or at hand
  2. I am equal to, or sufficient for


   Conjugation of suppeto (third conjugation)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present suppetō suppetis suppetit suppetimus suppetitis suppetunt
imperfect suppetēbam suppetēbās suppetēbat suppetēbāmus suppetēbātis suppetēbant
future suppetam suppetēs suppetet suppetēmus suppetētis suppetent
perfect suppetīvī suppetīvistī suppetīvit suppetīvimus suppetīvistis suppetīvērunt, suppetīvēre
pluperfect suppetīveram suppetīverās suppetīverat suppetīverāmus suppetīverātis suppetīverant
future perfect suppetīverō suppetīveris suppetīverit suppetīverimus suppetīveritis suppetīverint
passive present suppetor suppeteris, suppetere suppetitur suppetimur suppetiminī suppetuntur
imperfect suppetēbar suppetēbāris, suppetēbāre suppetēbātur suppetēbāmur suppetēbāminī suppetēbantur
future suppetar suppetēris, suppetēre suppetētur suppetēmur suppetēminī suppetentur
perfect suppetītus + present active indicative of sum
pluperfect suppetītus + imperfect active indicative of sum
future perfect suppetītus + future active indicative of sum
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present suppetam suppetās suppetat suppetāmus suppetātis suppetant
imperfect suppeterem suppeterēs suppeteret suppeterēmus suppeterētis suppeterent
perfect suppetīverim suppetīverīs suppetīverit suppetīverīmus suppetīverītis suppetīverint
pluperfect suppetīvissem suppetīvissēs suppetīvisset suppetīvissēmus suppetīvissētis suppetīvissent
passive present suppetar suppetāris, suppetāre suppetātur suppetāmur suppetāminī suppetantur
imperfect suppeterer suppeterēris, suppeterēre suppeterētur suppeterēmur suppeterēminī suppeterentur
perfect suppetītus + present active subjunctive of sum
pluperfect suppetītus + imperfect active subjunctive of sum
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present suppete suppetite
future suppetitō suppetitō suppetitōte suppetuntō
passive present suppetere suppetiminī
future suppetitor suppetitor suppetuntor
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives suppetere suppetīvisse suppetītūrus esse suppetī suppetītus esse suppetītum īrī
participles suppetēns suppetītūrus suppetītus suppetendus
verbal nouns gerund supine
nominative genitive dative/ablative accusative accusative ablative
suppetere suppetendī suppetendō suppetendum suppetītum suppetītū


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    • as long as one's strength holds out: dum vires suppetunt
    • as long as I live: dum vita suppetit; dum (quoad) vivo
    • if I live till then: si vita suppetit
    • I have abundance to say: res (opp. verba) mihi suppetit
    • his means suffice to defray daily expenses: copiae cotidianis sumptibus suppetunt (vid. sect. IV. 2, note suppeditare...)