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If a tennis ball hits a tennis racket’s sweet spot (sense 4), it rebounds with the maximum possible velocity


sweet spot (plural sweet spots)

  1. Any place which is optimum for a certain action to occur.
    • 2017 May 13, Barney Ronay, “Antonio Conte’s brilliance has turned Chelsea’s pop-up team into champions”, in The Guardian[1], London, archived from the original on 9 September 2017:
      Six months old, a half-season project, they are already more watchable and more coherent than the second phase of the title-winning team of two years ago; but not at the level of the luminous, steamrollering [José] Mourinho Mk1 team, a rare concurrence of prime-cut talent and a manager in the sweet spot of his own powers.
  2. (slang, euphemistic) The clitoris, prostate gland, or other center of sexual pleasure.
  3. (physics, slang) The center of percussion.
  4. (sports) The optimal place on a bat, racquet, etc., with which to hit a ball, resulting in the latter rebounding with the maximum possible velocity.
    He hit the gapper right off of the sweet spot.



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