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From tajs (Thai) +‎ -iete (fem.), or tajietis (Thai) +‎ -e (fem).


tajiete f (5th declension, masculine form: tajietis), tajs

  1. (female) Thai; a woman belonging to the Thai people of Thailand
    daudzas tajietes no saules tveras zem lietussargiemmany Thai women protect themselves from the sun with (lit. under) umbrellas
    Papitchaya Wattanakrai ir tajiete, mācās 11. klasē, vēlas iemācīties latviešu valodu, kaut īsti vēl nezina, kur to pielietosPapitchaya Wattanakrai is a Thai (girl), studies in the 11th grade, (and) wants to learn Latvian, although she doesn't really know where to use it

Usage notes[edit]

Usually tajs (rare, usually found in its genitive plural form taju, used as an adjective), tajietis, tajiete and tajisks refer to the Thai people as an ethnic group, while taizemietis, taizemiete, taizemisks refer to citizens of Thailand, including those who are not ethnically Thai.



Related terms[edit]