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Borrowed from Thai ไทย (thai, Thai), made into a first-declension masculine noun.


tajs m (1st declension, feminine form: tajiete)

  1. (rare, usually tajietis) (male) Thai; a man, a person belonging to the Thai people of Thailand
    aptuveni 55% Taizemes iedzīvotāju ir tajiapproximately 55% of the inhabitants of Thailand are Thai
  2. (genitive plural) Thai; pertainig to Thailand, to the Thai people, or their language
    taju valodathe Thai language
    taju alfabētsthe Thai alphabet
    taju ēdiensThai food
    taju jaunais gadsthe Thai new year

Usage notes[edit]

Usually tajs (rare, usually found in its genitive plural form taju, used as an adjective), tajietis, tajiete and tajisks refer to the Thai people as an ethnic group, while taizemietis, taizemiete, taizemisks refer to citizens of Thailand, including those who are not ethnically Thai.



Related terms[edit]