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From Taizeme (Thailand) +‎ -ietis (with Taizeme from tajs (Thai) +‎ zeme (land).


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taizemietis m (2nd declension, feminine form: taizemiete)

  1. (male) Thai; a man, a person from Thailand
    viņš ir īstais taizemietishe is a true, genuine Thai
    Liepājā strādā seši taizemiešiIn Liepaja six Thai people are working
  2. (genitive plural) pertainig to Thailand, to the Thai people, or their language
    taizemiešu valodathe Thai languages
    taizemiešu virtuve, ēdiensThai cuisine, food
    taizemiešu tradīcijasThai traditions
    taizemiešu bokssThai box(ing)


Usage notes[edit]

Usually tajs (rare, usually found in its genitive plural form taju, used as an adjective), tajietis, tajiete and tajisks refer to the Thai people as an ethnic group, while taizemietis, taizemiete, taizemisks refer to citizens of Thailand, including those who are not ethnically Thai.


Related terms[edit]