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This term appears to be a contraction of "high-tech savvy", as in the 1984 use in the title of “A New B-School Mission: Teaching High-Tech Savvy”, Business Week: 170–172, November 19, 1984, ISSN 0007-7135.



tech-savvy (comparative more tech-savvy, superlative most tech-savvy)

  1. (informal) Proficient in the use of technology, especially computers.
    • 1996 July 15, Krantz, Michael, “Cashing In On Tomorrow””, in Time[1], volume 148, number 4, ISSN 0040-781X:
      The Tofflers have also recruited as executive partners TV producer Al Burton and the tech-savvy film producer and entrepreneur Jeff Apple.
    • 2021 August 11, Chris Howe, “Inspire the march of the 'Mods'”, in RAIL, number 937, page 63:
      But as the railways become increasingly digitised, it is these young tech-savvy individuals with knowledge about coding who may well have the skills the industry needs.

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