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thumping (comparative more thumping, superlative most thumping)

  1. (informal) Exceptional in some degree.


thumping (countable and uncountable, plural thumpings)

  1. A dull, heavy sound.
    • 1941, Gladys Mitchell, When Last I Died:
      There was nothing to be seen, but he could hear loud thumpings and bumpings which seemed to come from the back of the house.
  2. A beating.
    He received a thumping from the school bully.
    • 1824, William Craig Brownlee, A careful and free inquiry into the true nature and tendency of the religious principles of the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers:
      And in our times, in Philadelphia, there have been specimens of violent shruggings of the shoulders, and brachial twitches, and prodigious wry faces, and thumpings on the pews.
  3. (sports) A heavy defeat.
    • 2011 January 11, Jonathan Stevenson, “West Ham 2 - 1 Birmingham”, in BBC[1]:
      Grant's future has been the subject of rumour after rumour for much of the season and last week's horrific 5-0 thumping at Newcastle was the catalyst for another round of fevered speculation.





  1. present participle of thump