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time of day (plural times of day)

  1. (archaic) The time according to the clock.
  2. A loosely specified period of time, minutes or hours in duration, especially daytime, or point in time.
    "At what time of day and year are the winds strongest?" / "Winter mornings, I think."
    There was no time of day that ever seemed appropriate.
    She would fold laundry at this time of day.
    I love that time of day. The light is magical.
  3. (obsolete, except in an idiom, by ellipsis) The greeting appropriate to the time of day.
    I wouldn't give him the time of day.


  • (time according to the clock): time, clock time, o'clock (mostly dialect)
  • (loosely specified period of time):
  • (loosely specified point in time):
  • (greetings appropriate to the time of day):


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