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Apparently from dialectal trapitx (olive oil press), which may represent a Mozarabic development of Byzantine Greek *τραπήτιον (*trapḗtion), a diminutive of trapētus.



trepitjar (first-person singular present trepitjo, past participle trepitjat)

  1. to tread on, to step on
    Synonyms: petjar, peucalcigar
    • 2002, Albert Sánchez Piñol, chapter 5, in La pell freda, La Campana, →ISBN:
      Amb la bota vaig trepitjar el peu despullat, udols de dolor van escampar-se pel bosc.
      With my boot I stepped on the shoeless foot; screams of pain filled the woods.
  2. to crush underfoot, trample
    Synonyms: esclafar, trepollar
  3. (winemaking) to tread grapes to make wine
    Synonym: follar
  4. (figurative) to trample, to walk all over


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