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The New Jersey turnpike.


From Middle English turnpyke (spiked barrier across a road), originally used to block access to such a road until toll was paid.


turnpike (plural turnpikes)

  1. A frame consisting of two bars crossing each other at right angles and turning on a post or pin, to hinder the passage of animals, but admitting a person to pass between the arms; a turnstile.
    • Ben Jonson
      I move upon my axle like a turnpike.
  2. A gate or bar set across a road to stop carriages, animals, and sometimes people, until a toll is paid; a tollgate.
  3. (Scotland) A winding stairway.
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  4. (military) A beam filled with spikes to obstruct passage; a cheval-de-frise.
  5. (US) A toll road, especially a toll expressway.
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  6. A road that was formerly a toll road.



turnpike (third-person singular simple present turnpikes, present participle turnpiking, simple past and past participle turnpiked)

  1. To form (a road, etc.) in the manner of a turnpike road; into a rounded form, as the path of a road.
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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


turnpike f, m (definite singular turnpika or turnpiken, indefinite plural turnpiker, definite plural turnpikene)

  1. A young female gymnast