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Alternative forms[edit]


under- +‎ bred


underbred (comparative more underbred, superlative most underbred)

  1. (chiefly horses) of inferior breeding
    • 1902, Frank Sherman Peer, Cross country with horse and hound:
      I prefer both sire and dam to be well-bred, but a well-bred mare and an underbred horse will produce a faster animal than a thoroughbred horse and an underbred mare.
  2. lacking in manners or finesse
    • 1923, H. G. Wells, Men Like Gods:
      Himself, he felt the most underbred of all; he was afraid of these Utopians: snobbish and abject before them, he was like a mannerless earthy lout in a drawing-room, and he was bitterly ashamed of his own abjection.