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un- +‎ ported


unported (not comparable)

  1. (computing) Not having been ported, or converted to another platform.
    There are still two hundred unported applications that we need to add to the distribution.
  2. (copyright licences) Being a Creative Commons licence which is not adapted to country-specific legislation.[1][2]
    This text is published under the licence Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike-3.0 unported.


  1. ^ Mia Garlick (General Counsel Creative Commons), Creative Commons Version 3.0 Licenses — A Brief Explanation, ("The result of this further internationalization is that CC will now offer both an “unported” license and a US license, in addition to the 45-plus ported licenses; the unported license can be selected by those creators to whose jurisdiction CC has not yet ported a license."), https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Version_3
  2. ^ See also Creative Commons jurisdiction ports on Wikipedia ("The porting process involves both linguistically translating the licenses and legally adapting them to particular jurisdictions.")