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From Ottoman Turkish [script needed](oyanmak), اويانمق(uyanmak, to wake up), reflexive of Proto-Turkic *od-.[1] Simplest form is not attested in Turkic however compare its other derivatives such as Old Turkic [script needed](oduɣ, awake) and Turkish uyarmak(to alert, warn, awake) akin to Old Turkic [script needed](odgur, to wake somebody up) which is again causative of Proto-Turkic *od-. Also compare Mongolian удах(udah, to cause, stir up) and Even хиду(hidu-, to instigate).

Cognate with Karakhanid [script needed](oδun-, to awake) Old Turkic [script needed](odun-, to awake), Azeri oyanmaq(to awake), Bashkir уяныу(uyanïw, to awake), Chuvash вăран(văran, to awake), Kazakh ояну(oyanw, to awake), Khakas усхунарға(usxunarğa, to awake), Kyrgyz ойгонуу(oygonuu, to awake), Turkmen oýanmak(to awake), Uzbek uygʻonmoq(to awake).


  • IPA(key): [ujɑnmɑk]
  • Hyphenation: u‧yan‧mak


uyanmak (third-person singular simple present uyanır)

  1. (intransitive) to wake, wake up, awaken, waken
  2. (intransitive, for a thought) to arise
  3. (intransitive, figuratively) to figure out; to come to understand; to see through


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