vested interest

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vested interest (plural vested interests)

  1. (law) a right or title that can be conveyed
  2. a fixed right granted to an employee, especially under a pension plan
  3. a stake, often financial, in a particular outcome
  4. a group of people or organizations with such a stake
  5. an exceptionally strong interest in protecting or promoting something to one's own advantage
    • Oct 24, 2007, Patrick Wintour, The Guardian: Honours investigator calls for change in law
      Mr Yates conceded: "These cases are very difficult to prove because they are bargains made in secret. Both parties have an absolute vested interest in those secrets [not] coming out."
      In this context, "vested" is often used informally for emphasis.


  • "Any change is resisted because bureaucrats have a vested interest in the chaos in which they exist." - Richard M. Nixon