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vilunki, usually filunki

  1. (colloquial) Cheating, a scam, prank, joke, fiddle, minor fraud.
    • tehdä vilunkia = to fiddle (UK), scam (US)
  2. A prankster, swindler, fraudster
  3. A workaround, fiddle (adjustment intended to cover up a basic flaw).
    • Se parametrin asetus on vain vilunki, jolla saadaan valaistus näyttämään oikealta.
      • That parameter setting is just a fiddle to make the lighting look right.


Inflection of vilunki (Kotus type 5/risti, nk-ng gradation)
nominative vilunki vilungit
genitive vilungin vilunkien
partitive vilunkia vilunkeja
illative vilunkiin vilunkeihin
singular plural
nominative vilunki vilungit
accusative nom. vilunki vilungit
gen. vilungin
genitive vilungin vilunkien
partitive vilunkia vilunkeja
inessive vilungissa vilungeissa
elative vilungista vilungeista
illative vilunkiin vilunkeihin
adessive vilungilla vilungeilla
ablative vilungilta vilungeilta
allative vilungille vilungeille
essive vilunkina vilunkeina
translative vilungiksi vilungeiksi
instructive vilungein
abessive vilungitta vilungeitta
comitative vilunkeineen