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From Latin vultus.


vulto m (plural vultos)

  1. bulk, volume
  2. lump, bump, mass
  3. freight, bulk
  4. an indistinct shape or form



From Latin vultus (expression; face), from Proto-Indo-European *wel-. Compare Italian volto (face).



vulto m (plural vultos)

  1. aspect (one’s appearance or expression)
    Synonyms: aparência, aspecto, semblante
    Tinha um vulto amedrontador.
    He had a scary aspect.
  2. an indistinct figure, such as something seen with the corner of one’s eye or in the dark
    Vi um vulto passar ao meu lado.
    I saw a figure pass by my side.
  3. importance; significance; prominence
    Synonyms: importância, relevância, significância, proeminência
    É uma pesquisa de grande vulto.
    It is a research of great importance.
  4. greatness
    Synonym: grandeza
    O vulto de sua ajuda me impressionou.
    The greatness of his help impressed me.
  5. bulk (major part of something)
    Synonym: grosso
    Vulto das águas.
    Bulk of the water.

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