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Alternative forms


Nonce word from a Perry Bible Fellowship comic by Nicholas Gurewitch.[1] Later arbitrarily used by the 4chan website as an automated replacement for the term wapanese in users' posts.[2]



weeaboo (plural weeaboos)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A non-Japanese person (especially one of Caucasian ancestry) who is obsessed with Japanese culture and behaves in a stereotypically Japanese manner.
    • 2007 May 3, Kai, “Return of an old-timer and H. Naoto review”, in alt.gothic.fashion, Usenet[1], message-ID <23836-4639551F-204@storefull-3118.bay.webtv.net>:
      I remember you distinctively[sic] because I once responded in grand[sic] detail to one of your posts about a kimono only to have you completley[sic] ignore it. Welcome back. The clothing sounds good but I tend to desire a non-weeaboo opinion. People who are head over heels about Japanese culture tend to be a bit “biased” in their reviews.
    • 2008 February 22, Thurdust, “venture into anime”, in alt.religion.kibology, Usenet[2], message-ID <d79faa48-e155-457b-ac05-eb128f93d608@p73g2000hsd.googlegroups.com>:
      The line between anime fan and weeaboo is getting blurrier and blurrier with every passing day.
    • 2010 January 24, Pisces, “ROB IS REALLY”, in alt.slack, Usenet[3], message-ID <5ca8c049-ad60-4ec3-ba74-1326fa02ff3d@o36g2000vbl.googlegroups.com>:
      But its[sic] all over. Too bad. I suppose the boychild had hoped for some little Weeaboo boy who would fuck him up the ass in his mothers[sic] basement. He just really wanted to play dirty Gohan/Goku with someone like him.
      He is pretty sure Weeaboo’s[sic] hate halfassed black kids with cumstained sweatshirts though.



  • egg (mildly pejorative, refers to white people only)

Derived terms


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