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window covering (plural window coverings)

  1. Material, including blinds, shades, curtains, and shutters, used to cover a window for the purpose of controlling sunlight, providing additional weatherproofing, ensuring privacy, or for aesthetic reasons.
    • 1989, Karla J. Nielson, Window Treatments, John Wiley & Sons (→ISBN), page 315:
      Supplying the design or decorating firm with current window-covering samples, literature, and price charts.
    • 2006, Sue Sampson, Ellen DeLucia, Window Treatments Idea Book, Taunton Press (→ISBN), page 65:
      “Topper” is a broad term used to describe any fabric window covering that creates interest at the top of a window. Commonly referred to as valances, toppers can add instant impact to the overall design of a room in subtle or dramatic ways.
    • 2011, Kip Koehler, Custom Home Do's and Dont's: The ULTIMATE Guide for Getting Your Custom Home DONE RIGHT, Kip Koehler, page 136:
      Window coverings: With drop-down window coverings (vs. drapes or curtains), it might be suitable to have a custom “valance” for each window.
    • 2013, Oshin Vartanian, Adam S. Bristol, James C. Kaufman, Neuroscience of Creativity, MIT Press (→ISBN), page 35:
      Amy realizes that she must constrain the window covering to be inexpensive, and this may be challenging, so she shifts to a more associative mode of thought. The context “inexpensive” is denoted i. Amy knows that blinds are expensive.
    • 2018, Michael S. Wogalter, Forensic Human Factors and Ergonomics: Case Studies and Analyses, CRC Press (→ISBN)
      However, in the case of window coverings, the consumer is not likely to be seeking information for a number of reasons: 1. Corded window coverings are a highly familiar product to most consumers and easy to use []