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From year +‎ time. Compare Dutch jaartijd, jaargetijde (season), German Jahreszeit (season, time of year), Swedish årstid (season), English yeartide.


yeartime (plural yeartimes)

  1. A time of the year; a season.
    • 1910, Sallie Hoffman Perry, Poems:
      Asters. My dearest blossoms of the yeartime hold Scant eulogy, save wandering children's meed — All scentless [...]
    • 1965, Rowland L. Collins, Beowulf:
      [...], till another yeartime came to the yards of men, as still today the weather glory-bright always keeps its seasons.
    • 1985, Maureen Duffy, Collected poems:
      Spring that deceive and plugs that won't spark where we made not fierce summer but October soft light lit by flashes I recognize as aurora borealis, a yeartime of loving out of a fled, raw afternoon.
    • 2011, Alaya Chadwick, Alaya's Fables: Tales That Transform & Awaken:
      There is a “Water Falls” which spills and trickles depending upon the yeartime one visits its huge boulders.
  2. A year's time; the space of time equivalent to a year.
    • 1953, Jack Clement Badcock, The truants:
      [...] even beetle — these thousands of pads in a yeartime of life — had matted the moss and nettle, [...]


yeartime (comparative more yeartime, superlative most yeartime)

  1. Seasonal.
    yeartime variance
  2. Of or pertaining to the timespan of a year or years; yearly.
    • 2001, Sonja Sulzmaier, Consumer-oriented business design:
      To see how valuable a consumer segment really is, calculating such a yeartime value is obviously not sufficient.