yellow brick road

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From the classic film The Wizard of Oz and the book series on which it was based. Originally the literal road to the Emerald City, which was paved with yellow bricks possibly to invoke the notion of gold.


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yellow brick road (plural yellow brick roads)

  1. (idiomatic, often humorous) A proverbial path to a Promised Land of one's hopes and dreams.
    • "'Route 80 is our yellow brick road,' he said." -The Times-Tribune
    • "But we're coming up on a bend in the yellow brick road, and going 'round it could cause the party lights to go dark quickly." -Motley Fool
    • "'My family and I are taking the first steps on the yellow brick road to the White House,' he said."
    • "But for Clinton the yellow brick road that led inevitably to the Democratic nomination has suddenly become a little bumpy." -The Sydney Morning Herald