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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from German Zeitgeist (time-spirit).



zeitgeist (plural zeitgeists or zeitgeister or zeitgeisten)

  1. The spirit of the age; the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period
    • 2014 February 10, Anthony Faiola, “Swiss vote to limit foreign workers captures growing European fears about immigration”, in The Washington Post[1], retrieved 2014-02-11:
      The vote also stoked fears that Swiss citizens were reflecting the zeitgeist across Europe, …
    • 2000, Meanjin
      For hundreds of years, learned theologians and ordinary people have been working to untangle the Gospel's message of liberation from the zeitgeisten that found scriptural excuses for slavery, war, monarchy, imperialism, homophobia and the subjugation of women.
    • 1996, Michael Vanden Heuvel, Elmer Rice: A Research and Production Sourcebook, Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN 9780313274312
      After quickly summarizing the zeitgeisten of the Greek, Elizabethan, and early modern periods and their effects on the theatre, Rice turns to the contemporary world.
    • 1986, Robert Albritton, A Japanese Reconstruction Of Marxist Theory, Springer ISBN 9781349181629, page 186
      The materiality and complexity of history is absorbed into the most abstract idea which periodizes history into a series of 'zeitgeisten'.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The German term, Zeitgeist, is commonly not pluralized.





From German Zeitgeist.


zeitgeist c (singular definite zeitgeisten, not used in plural form)

  1. zeitgeist
    • 2013, Lars Holger Holm, Kenneth Maximilian Geneser, Gotisk ISBN 9781907166310, page 140
      De bliver dermed til et fænomen i tiden, til tidsbilleder, som kan tydes og bruges i en afsøgning af zeitgeisten.
      They thus become a phenomenon of the time, time-images, that may be deciphered and used in an investigation of the zeitgeist.
    • 2010, Henrik List, Sidste nat i kødbyen, Lindhardt og Ringhof ISBN 9788711410295
      Og hvem ville så bryde sig om at være lyseslukker til zeitgeistens swingerfest? Hvem ville så sige nej tak til en plads i VIP-afdelingen til den store, subkulturelle love-in?
      And who would then like to be a party-pooper at the swinger's party of the zeitgeist? Who would then refuse a spot in the VIP section at the big, subcultural love-in?





Borrowed from German Zeitgeist.


zeitgeist m (plural zeitgeists)

  1. (sociology) zeitgeist (the dominant set of ideals and beliefs of an era)