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zoom +‎ -y



zoomy (comparative zoomier, superlative zoomiest)

  1. (childish) That goes zoom!
    • 2004, Ad Hudler, Househusband, page 284:
      We play a game she calls zoomy rocket, which usually draws some nasty maternal stares.
    • Dec 1970, Kiplinger's Personal Finance‎, volume 24, number 12, page 6:
      Zoomy little race cars [] inhabit this season's Christmas toy departments
  2. (mechanics, informal) sleek, speedy, streamlined
    zoomy but faded paint jobs
    • May 1992, Popular Mechanics, page 39:
      In our recent visits to the Frankfurt and Tokyo auto shows, we saw the zoomy shapes we expect at major shows.
    • 2007, Car and Driver, volume 52, page 59:
      Does the zoomy new look of the TT [automobile] equate with a corresponding improvement in performance?
  3. (slang) Stylish, as a zoomy car, or as someone who looks like they would drive a zoomy car
    • 1960, Edward Hoagland, The circle home, page 191:
      He caught a downtown bus and felt real good, real zoomy.
    • 1984, Melissa Sones, Getting into fashion, page 237:
      Her "mod zoomy little showcases," as she describes her boutiques, are as mod and zoomy as Johnson herself.
  4. (photography) Obviously characteristic of a zoom lens
    relies upon zoomy close-ups
    wobbly, zoomy, headachey shots
    • 1977, American anthropologist, volume 79, page 760:
      However, the photography is at moments too poorly exposed, too zoomy, and the camera positioned too closely, for the footage to be useful

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