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zoom +‎ -ies



  1. plural of zoomie
  2. (plural only, US military slang) Nontechnical units of radiation, such as are present in a compartment containing or near nuclear weapons or a nuclear reactor, or are picked up on a dosimeter.
    I wouldn't go back there unless you want to get some zoomies!
    How many zoomies did you get today?
  3. (plural only, slang) A period of frenzied running in a pet cat or dog.
    • 2005, Eve Adamson, Adopting a Pet For Dummies (page 148)
      No racing madly about for these pretty kitties, although all cats, particularly kittens, get the “zoomies []
    • 2011, Jolanta Benal, The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet
      There was never a more affectionate dog, or one who looked sillier having the zoomies.
    • 2015, Heidi Dietrich, Mornink Meetink Minuteys By Stellaluna The Cat
      Dere is more space in de libing woom for zoomies though and wese wike dat a lot. Wese lub zoomies!