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zorch (uncountable)

  1. A numerical factor used to limit semantic searches in cognitive modelling.
    • 1987, John McDermott, Artificial Intelligence: 10th International Joint Conference (volume 1, page 152)
      This is done by using a numerical constant, called zorch, to start marker-passing and dividing it by outbranching []
    • 1989, Noel E. Sharkey, Models of Cognition: A Review of Cognitive Science
      [] it and all its first set of descendants can be marked, but the zorch runs out quickly.
    • 2008, Richard Trent Llewellyn, Annotating the Biological Process of Proteins with Functional Linkages (page 39)
      In order to quantify network connectivity between one protein and others, we adapted the idea of zorch originally used to describe cognition (Hendler, 1989).

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