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Character  리 
Hangul Syllables U+B9AC
Composition +
Dubeolsik keyboard entry f-l



릐 ←

마 →

Etymology 1[edit]


(transliterations: RR ri, RRT , McCune–Reischauer ri, Yale li)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Derivational suffix[edit]


  1. a suffix deriving a passive verb.
    • 그가 가방. (Geuga gabang-eul deunda., “He carries a bag.”) → 가방이 그에게 들린. (Gabang-i geuege deullinda., “The bag is carried by him.”)


  1. a suffix deriving a causative verb.
    • 그가 가방. (Geuga gabang-eul deunda., “He carries a bag.”) → 그녀가 그에게 가방들린. (Geunyeoga geuege gabang-eul deullinda., “She makes him carry the bag.”)

Etymology 3[edit]

Inflectional suffix[edit]


  1. (obsolete) I guess sb will ...
    • 그는 벌써 저녁었으라. (He might have had dinner already.)
  2. (obsolete) I/We will ...

Inflectional suffix[edit]


  1. (obsolete) I guess sb will ...
  2. (obsolete) I/We will ...
  3. (obsolete) How on earth will I/we ...?

Usage notes[edit]

Suffix -ri- is followed only by specific suffixes, including -da, -ra, -ni, -nira, therefore making combined suffixes like -rida, -rira, -rini, -rinira.

Etymology 4[edit]


(ri) (hanja )

  1. (dependent) reason, logic, (with negation) even the slightest possibility
    • 그럴 없다! (Geureol riga eopda!, “That can't be true!”)
    • 주인공 느냐? (Ju-in-gong-i jugeul riga itgenneunya?, “Do you think the main character can ever die?”)


(ri) (hanja )

  1. A village.
    (Administrative divisions of South Korea) (ri), (dong), (myeon), (eup), (gu), (gun), (si), (do)
  2. (unit) [[Li] (0.393 kilometers).

Proper noun[edit]

(Ri) (hanja )

Hanja in this word
  1. The second most common Korean surname - the North Korean spelling.
Usage notes[edit]
  • Most commonly romanized as Lee. Other romanizations include Li, Yi, Ri, and Rhee. Due to the phonology of the South Korean, the spelling (i) is used in South Korea.

Derivational suffix[edit]

- (ri) (hanja 裡, 裏)

  1. in the center of
Derived terms[edit]