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Unicode name DIGIT ZERO
Unicode block Basic Latin
Codepoint U+0030
/ ← Basic Latin → 1
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Tenth century “West Arabic” variation of the Nepali form of Hindu-Arabic numeral ٠ (0) (compare Devanāgarī script ), adopted for use with the Latin script in Europe as ‘0’.



  1. (Arabic digits) The cardinal number zero indicating absence of any quantity.
  2. A digit in decimal, binary, and every other base numbering system.
    15 × 134 = 2010
    0000 00012
    0x1000E001 (hexadecimal notation)
  3. (mathematics) The identity element with respect to addition.
    \exists\,\mathbf{0}:\forall a\in A:\mathbf{0}+a=a+\mathbf{0}=a
  4. (mathematics, computer science) A Boolean or truth value corresponding to false.
    f : Bk → B : B = {0, 1}
    A&B&C=0 → A=0 || B=0 || C=0
  5. (computing) Indicates that the number that follows is in octal.

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0 (plural 0s)

  1. 0.
  2. The origin, starting point, or fixed reference point, especially for a measurement.
    The 0 for the Celsius scale is 273.15 Kelvin.
  3. (electrical engineering) The off or low bit state.
    If the NOT gate input is 1, the output is 0.

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