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A Hummer H1.


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Hummer (plural Hummers)

  1. A brand of sport utility vehicles sold by General Motors, and by extension, any large similar vehicle
  2. (military, slang) The HMMWV or Humvee, a US Army vehicle which replaced the Jeep
    • 1985, Andy Rooney, Pieces of my Mind [1], ISBN 0380698854, page 38:
      "The vehicle is called the 'Hummer,' a contrived abbreviation of its official designation, 'High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.'"
    • 1985, James Coates and Michael Kilian, Heavy Losses: The Dangerous Decline of American Defense [2], ISBN 0670804843, page 25:
      "The Hummer, a clumsy, elongated vehicle the Army intended as a replacement for the hardy Jeep, developed so many problems it became known as the Bummer."
    • 1987, Michael Barone & Grant Ujifusa, The Almanac of American Politics, 1988 [3], ISBN 0892340371, page 403:
      "He made a point of not taking federal money for the district -- though by 1986 he was bragging about landing an Army contract to build the Hummer vehicle for a South Bend company."
    • 1994, World Book Inc., "Jeep" in World Book Encyclopedia vol. J [4], ISBN 0716600943, page 25:
      "A Hummer can carry four people."


Usage notes[edit]

Since the introduction of the civilian Hummer in the 1990s, this term has ceased to be used for the military vehicle; the term "Humvee" is typically used instead.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A surname of German origin



Via Middle Low German from a Scandinavian source, probably Norwegian since many lobsters were caught off the coast of Norway. Ultimately from Old Norse humarr (lobster). Compare German Low German Hummer, Plautdietsch Humma (lobster), Dutch hommer.



Hummer m (genitive Hummers, plural Hummer)

  1. lobster


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Hummer m (plural Himmer)

  1. hammer