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From Ottoman Turkish اوگرنمك(öğrenmek, to learn), from Old Anatolian Turkish [script needed] (ögren-, to learn), reflexive form of unrecorded Proto-Turkic *ȫgre-. See also öğretmek (to teach), causative form of the same root. Ultimately derived from Proto-Turkic *ȫg (mind, thought, intelligence), which is again a derivative of Proto-Turkic *ȫ- (to think of, understand, realize). Compare Karakhanid [script needed] (ȫg, intelligence, mind), Old Uyghur [script needed] (ög, mind, thought, memory), Yakut өй (öy, mind), Karakhanid [script needed] (ȫ-, to understand), Old Turkic 𐰇𐰢𐰕(ömez, (he/she/it/one) does not think of).



öğrenmek (third-person singular simple present öğrenir)

  1. (transitive) to learn, study, master
    Bugün okulda ne öğrendin?What did you learn in school today?
  2. (transitive) to come to know, to find out, discover
    Annem buraya geldiğimi öğrenmemeli.My mother should not find out that I have been here.


Derived terms[edit]

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