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Via some other European language, ultimately from Ancient Greek γεωγραφία ‎(geōgraphía), from γῆ ‎(, earth) and γράφω ‎(gráphō, I write) +‎ -ija.


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ģeogrāfija f (4th declension)

  1. geography (the study of the physical structure and the inhabitants of the surface of the Earth)
    vispārējā ģeogrāfija — general geography
    fiziskā ģeogrāfija — physical geography
    ekonomiskā ģeogrāfija — economic geography
    vēsturiskā ģeogrāfija — historical geography
    politiskā ģeogrāfija — political geogrpahy
    militārā ģeogrāfija — military geography
  2. geography (the corresponding school subject)
    ģeogrāfijas programma vidusskolāmgeography program for secondary schools
    mācīt ģeogrāfiju — to teach geography
  3. geography (arrangement and distribution of elements of some area of social, economic, or cultural life)
    dabas resursu ģeogrāfija — the geography of natural resources
    transporta ģeogrāfija — the geography of transportation
    Latvijas skolu ģeogrāfija — the geography of Latvian schools


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