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Ķemmēt matus


From ķemmē ‎(comb), a borrowing from Low German, made into a second conjugation verb stem (ending -ēt). Alternatively, it may be a direct borrowing from Middle Low German (cf. German kämmen ‎(to comb)). First mentioned in 17th-century sources.[1]


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ķemmēt tr., 2nd conj., pres. ķemmēju, ķemmē, ķemmē, past ķemmēju

  1. (of people's hair) to comb (to smooth with a comb)
    ķemmēt matus — to comb (one's) hair
    ķemmēt pie spoguļa matus — to comb one's hair by the mirror
    kandidāts bija nedaudz pāri labākajiem gadiem, vairākas dienas neķemmētiem pelēkiem matiem — the nominee was a little over his better years, with hair many days uncombed
  2. (of animal hair, fur) to comb (to smooth, also to clean, with a comb)
    ķemmēt suni — to comb the dog
    ķemmēt zirgam krēpes — to comb the mane of the horse
  3. (colloquial, especially military) to comb (to search thoroughly)
    fašisti gatavojās ķemmēt mežu — the fascists are preparing to comb the forest
    ciemā jau iet žandarmu ķēde, ķemmēdama māju pēc mājas; meklē vīriešus — in the village a chain (= group) of gendarmes is going (around), combing house after house; they are looking for (certain) men



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