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◌̅ U+0305, ̅
Combining Diacritical Marks ◌̆
U+203E, ‾

General Punctuation
See also: ◌̿, ◌̲, and ◌̳



A horizontal line to be placed above letters and digits. It connects to itself on either side if it's also placed over those letters.

Punctuation mark[edit]


  1. Used in some languages to mark abbreviations.
    Ι̅Σ̅ Χ̅Σ̅, a Greek abbreviation of Jesus Christ.

Diacritical mark[edit]


  1. (mathematics) Drawn over repeating digits.
    12 ÷ 7 = 1.7̅1̅4̅2̅8̅5̅ = 1.714285714285714285...
  2. (geometry) Drawn over letters which represent a line segment.
    segment A̅B̅ has the same length as segment C̅D̅
  3. (physics) Used to denote antiparticles.
    p (proton); p̅ (antiproton)
  4. (mathematics) Indicates the complex conjugate of a complex number.
    = i̅y̅ = xiy
  5. (statistics) Used to mark the mean of a sample.
  6. (Roman numerals) Multiplies the value of a group of digits by one thousand.
    IV — four; I̅V̅ — four thousand; I̿V̿ — four million
  7. (Greek numerals) In Byzantine Greek and in Coptic, converts a letter into a digit. E.g. κ̅ (modern κʹ) '20'.
  8. (phonetics) marks a string of syllables or segments with high pitch. Compare ˹ ... ˺.
  9. (actuarial notation) Used to indicate continuous payments.
    n̅|n-year annuity payable continuously

See also[edit]

  • ◌̄ (macron, a diacritic over a single letter that does not join to itself.)

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