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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *kogъda, a compound of *ko (from Proto-Indo-European *kʷos) and *gъda, genitive singular of *godъ (compare Old Church Slavonic годъ ‎(godŭ, right time)), thus originally meaning "at what time".

Alternative forms[edit]



ка̏д (Latin spelling kȁd)

  1. (interrogative) when
    Кад ћеш доћи? — When will you come?
  2. when
    Не знам кад ћу стићи на састанак. — I don't know when I will arrive at the meeting.
    Само што је пала ноћ, кад поче киша. — The nigh has just fallen, when the rain began.
  3. if
    Кад бих само имао мало више слободног времена.. — If only I had a little more free time...
  4. in miscellaneous constructs
    кад(а) год — whenever
    мало кад — rarely
    кад-тад — sooner or later
    (т)ко зна кад — who knows when


ка̏д ‎(Latin spelling kȁd)

  1. ever (compare и̏кад)
    Да ли си кад био у Бечу? — Have you ever been to Vienna?
  2. sometimes (compare не̏кад)
    Идем на посао кад трамвајем, кад аутобусом. — I go to work sometimes by tram, and sometimes by bus.
    како кад, кад како — sometimes this way, sometimes that way
  3. in miscellaneous constructs
    имати кад (за..) — to have enough time (for..)
    Нисам имао кад да ти се јавим. — I didn't have enough time to call you.

Etymology 2[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *kadъ.



ка̑д m ‎(Latin spelling kȃd)

  1. incense