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From Proto-Mongolic *saba, compare Mongghul sawaa (container, equipment, weapon).


сав (sav)

  1. container, vessel, vase, receptacle, crockery, bag

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Metathesized from earlier вас, from Proto-SlavicLua error in Module:debug at line 166: This template is deprecated. Please use {{der}}, {{inh}}, {{bor}}, {{cog}} or {{noncog}}. *vьśь.



са̏в (Latin spelling sȁv)

  1. all, complete, whole
    сав св(иј)етthe whole world
    сви људиall the people
    сво радништвоthe whole working class
    све вр(иј)емеall the time
    свом снагом/силомwith all one's force
  2. (pronominally, in masculine plural) everybody, everyone, all
    сви су дошли на забавуeveryone came to the party
    свима идеш на живце!you're getting on everyone's nerves!
    сви за једног, један за свеall for one, one for all
  3. (pronominally, in neuter singular) everything, all
    све си појеоyou ate everything
    доста ми је свега!I'm fed up with everything
    то је свеthat's all
    све у све(му)all in all
    све(му) си ти кривyou are to blame for everything
    ни за све на св(иј)етуfor nothing in the world
    пр(иј)е свегаabove all
    уз(а) све тоin addition to all that
    све најбоље!all the best!
  4. (pronominally, as an intensifier) all, completely
    сав сам мокарI'm completely wet
    све тамо до мораall the way to the sea



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