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само (samo)

  1. only, just




само́ (samón

  1. nominative singular neuter of сам (sam): self, itself



From са̑м.


  • IPA(key): /sâmo/
  • Hyphenation: са‧мо


са̏мо (Latin spelling sȁmo)

  1. (denoting exclusivity) only, not more than, nothing else
    само разговарајуthey are just talking
    она само учиshe does nothing but study
    не само да је л(иј)епа, него је и паметнаshe's not only pretty, but she is also smart
    само једанonly one
  2. connecting previously spoken text with what follows
    само, ипак сам забринутit's just that, I'm a bit concerned
  3. just
    само корак до пропастиjust a step away from disaster
    чекај самоjust wait
    зашто ли је само назвао?just why did he call (her)?
  4. simply, uninterruptedly, out of its own
    с крова се само циједиit's simply trickling from the root
  5. merely, solely
    улазница стоји само пет кунаthe ticket costs merely five kunas
  6. (denoting encouragement) just
    наставите само тако!just keeping doing it like that!
  7. (often ironically) just
    само реци, па ћеш видјетиjust say it, and you'll see
  8. (to emphasize a prohibition, or something which the interlocutor doesn't want to hear)
    немој ми само рећи да све то ниси прије знаоdon't just tell me you didn't know about it beforehand
  9. (to emphasize wonderment) how on earth, how the hell
    како ти само пада на памет тако штоhow on earth did that occur to you
  10. (denoting a desire) just
    кад би само дошао!if only you came!
  11. (denoting a condition to execute or allow an action) just]
    играј се, само ме пусти на миру!keep playing, just leave me alone!
  12. (to emphasize wonderment in interrogative clauses) how on earth, just how
    како је само сазнао?how on earth did he find out?
  13. idiomatic and figurative meanings
    (е) да је само...if only
    да само знаш (чујеш, видиш)if only you knew (heard, saw)
    само малоjust a little
    само нам је то требалоthat is all we needed


са̏мо (Latin spelling sȁmo)

  1. (denoting opposition or exclusion) just, but, only
    што волови мучу, само нек кола не шкрипе(please add an English translation of this usage example)
    дат ћу/даћу вам све, само без свађе!I'll will get you everything, just don't get into a fight about it!
    ова хаљина је л(иј)епа, само је скупаthis dress is very nice, but it's too expensive
  2. (denoting limited intention) only to, merely to
    говорим само да говорим(please add an English translation of this usage example)
  3. (denoting an assumption of opposite outcome) if only
    ти учиш, само да не буде узалудyou're studying, if only it were not in vain
  4. idiomatic and figurative meanings
    није само(please add an English translation of this usage example)
    није то само тако/не може то само тако(please add an English translation of this usage example)
    само што(please add an English translation of this usage example)
    само што не(please add an English translation of this usage example)
    само што нисам/само што није(please add an English translation of this usage example)

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