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Borrowing from Sanskrit गति (gati).


गति (gatif (Urdu spelling گتی)

  1. motion
    हम इस योजना को गति देने की आवश्यकता है।
    ham is yojnā ko gati dene kī āvaśyaktā hai.
    We must set this plan in motion.
  2. speed
    उसने पूरी गति से दीवार मारा।
    usne pūrī gati se dīvār mārā.
    He hit the wall at full speed.
  3. plight
    तुम्हारी वही गति होगी जो चोर की हुई थी।
    tumhārī vahī gati hogī jo cor kī huī thī.
    You will meet the plight of a thief.



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From Proto-Indo-European *gʷémtis.


गति (gátif

  1. going, moving, gait, deportment, motion in general
  2. manner or power of going
  3. going away
  4. procession, march, passage, procedure, progress, movement
  5. path, way, course
  6. place of issue, origin, reason
  7. possibility, expedient, means
  8. means of success
  9. way or art, method of acting
  10. refuge, resource
  11. the position (of a child at birth)
  12. state, condition, situation, proportion, mode of existence
  13. a happy issue; happiness
  14. the course of the soul through numerous forms of life, metempsychosis, condition of a person undergoing this migration
  15. manner
  16. the being understood or meant
  17. (grammar) a term for prepositions and some other adverbial prefixes when immediately connected with the tenses of a verb or with verbal derivatives
  18. a kind of rhetorical figure
  19. a particular high number
  20. Motion (personified as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Pulaha)


Feminine i-stem declension of गति
Nom. sg. गतिः (gatiḥ)
Gen. sg. गत्याः / गतेः (gatyāḥ / gateḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative गतिः (gatiḥ) गती (gatī) गतयः (gatayaḥ)
Vocative गते (gate) गती (gatī) गतयः (gatayaḥ)
Accusative गतिम् (gatim) गती (gatī) गतीः (gatīḥ)
Instrumental गत्या (gatyā) गतिभ्याम् (gatibhyām) गतिभिः (gatibhiḥ)
Dative गत्यै / गतये (gatyai / gataye) गतिभ्याम् (gatibhyām) गतिभ्यः (gatibhyaḥ)
Ablative गत्याः / गतेः (gatyāḥ / gateḥ) गतिभ्याम् (gatibhyām) गतिभ्यः (gatibhyaḥ)
Genitive गत्याः / गतेः (gatyāḥ / gateḥ) गत्योः (gatyoḥ) गतीनाम् (gatīnām)
Locative गत्याम् / गतौ (gatyām / gatau) गत्योः (gatyoḥ) गतिषु (gatiṣu)

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