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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *(H)rā́ĵan, from Proto-Indo-European *(h₃)rēǵ-en-, from *h₃rḗǵs (ruler, king), from *h₃reǵ- (straighten). Latin rēx is a cognate.


राजन् (rājanm

  1. a king, sovereign, prince, chief (often applied to gods e.g. to वरुण (varuṇa) and the other ādityas, to इन्द्र (indra), यम (yama) etc., but especially to सोम (soma) [also the plant and juice] and the Moon).
  2. a man of the royal tribe or the military caste, a क्षत्रिय (kṣatriya)


Declension of राजन्
Nom. sg. राजा (rājā)
Gen. sg. राज्ञः (rājñaḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative राजा (rājā) राजानौ (rājānau) राजानः (rājānaḥ)
Vocative राजन् (rājan) राजानौ (rājānau) राजानः (rājānaḥ)
Accusative राजानम् (rājānam) राजानौ (rājānau) राज्ञः (rājñaḥ)
Instrumental राज्ञा (rājñā) राजभ्याम् (rājabhyām) राजभिः (rājabhiḥ)
Dative राज्ञे (rājñe) राजभ्याम् (rājabhyām) राजभ्यः (rājabhyaḥ)
Ablative राज्ञः (rājñaḥ) राजभ्याम् (rājabhyām) राजभ्यः (rājabhyaḥ)
Genitive राज्ञः (rājñaḥ) राज्ञोः (rājñoḥ) राज्ञाम् (rājñām)
Locative राज्ञि, राजनि (rājñi, rājani) राज्ञोः (rājñoḥ) राजसु (rājasu)



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