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From Sanskrit विजय (vijaya). Analyzable as वि- (vi-) +‎ जय (jay).



विजय (vijayf

  1. victory, success
    Synonym: जीत (jīt)
    Antonym: पराजय (parājay)
  2. conquest, triumph


Declension of विजय
Singular Plural
Direct विजय (vijay) विजय (vijay)
Oblique विजय (vijay) विजयों (vijyõ)
Vocative विजय (vijay) विजयो (vijyo)

Derived terms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

विजय (vijaym

  1. A male given name



विजय (vijayam

  1. contest for victory, conquest, triumph, superiority, etc. (fig. applied to the ‘sword’ and to ‘punishment’.
  2. the prize of victory, booty.
  3. Name of a particular hour of the day (esp. the 17th, and the hour of कृष्ण (kṛṣṇa)'s birth, according to some the 11th मुहूर्त (muhūrta)).
  4. the third month.
  5. the 27th (or first) year of Jupiter's cycle.
  6. a kind of military array.
  7. province, district
  8. (music) a kind of flute.
  9. a kind of measure.
  10. a kind of composition.
  11. a divine chariot, chariot of the gods.
  12. Name of यम (yama).
  13. Name of a son of जयन्त (jayanta) (son of इन्द्र (indra)).
  14. Name of a son of वसु-देव (vasu-deva).
  15. Name of a son of कृष्ण (kṛṣṇa).
  16. Name of an attendant of विष्णु (viṣṇu).
  17. Name of an attendant of पद्मपाणि (padmapāṇi).
  18. Name of a son of स्व-रोचिस् (sva-rocis).
  19. Name of a मुनि (muni).
  20. Name of a prince.
  21. Name of a son of धृतराष्ट्र (dhṛtarāṣṭra).
  22. Name of a warrior on the side of the पाण्डव (pāṇḍava)s.
  23. Name of one of the eight councilors of दशरथ (daśaratha).
  24. Name of अर्जुन (arjuna) in Mahabharata.
  25. Name of a son of जय (jaya).
  26. Name of a son of चञ्चु (cañcu) or चुञ्चु (cuñcu).
  27. Name of a son of संजय (saṃjaya).
  28. Name of a son of सु-देव (su-deva).
  29. Name of a son of पुरूरवस् (purūravas).
  30. Name of a son (or grandson) of बृहन्-मनस् (bṛhan-manas).
  31. Name of a son of यज्ञ-श्री (yajña-śrī).
  32. Name of the founder of Buddhist civilisation in Ceylon.
  33. (with जैन (jaina)s) Name of one of the 9 white बल (bala)s and of one of the 5 अनुत्तर (anuttara)s.
  34. Name of the 20th अर्हत् (arhat) of the future and of the father of the 21st अर्हत् (arhat) of the present अवसर्पिणी (avasarpiṇī).
  35. Name of the attendant of the 8th अर्हत् (arhat) of the same.
  36. Name of a son of कल्कि (kalki).
  37. Name of a son of कल्प (kalpa).
  38. Name of a hare Kathās.
  39. Name of the lance of रुद्र (rudra) (personified).


विजय (vijayan

  1. the poisonous root of the plant विजया (vijayā).
  2. a royal tent.
  3. a kind of pavilion.
  4. Name of a sacred district in कश्मीर (kaśmīra) (compare -क्षेत्र)


Masculine a-stem declension of विजय
Nom. sg. विजयः (vijayaḥ)
Gen. sg. विजयस्य (vijayasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative विजयः (vijayaḥ) विजयौ (vijayau) विजयाः (vijayāḥ)
Vocative विजय (vijaya) विजयौ (vijayau) विजयाः (vijayāḥ)
Accusative विजयम् (vijayam) विजयौ (vijayau) विजयान् (vijayān)
Instrumental विजयेन (vijayena) विजयाभ्याम् (vijayābhyām) विजयैः (vijayaiḥ)
Dative विजयाय (vijayāya) विजयाभ्याम् (vijayābhyām) विजयेभ्यः (vijayebhyaḥ)
Ablative विजयात् (vijayāt) विजयाभ्याम् (vijayābhyām) विजयेभ्यः (vijayebhyaḥ)
Genitive विजयस्य (vijayasya) विजययोः (vijayayoḥ) विजयानाम् (vijayānām)
Locative विजये (vijaye) विजययोः (vijayayoḥ) विजयेषु (vijayeṣu)


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