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जय ‎(jay)

  1. victory!
    जय राम!‎ ― jay rām!Victory to Ram!
  2. glory!



From the root जयति ‎(jayati, to conquer, defeat, vanquish).


जय ‎(jayá)

  1. (at the end of a compound) conquering, winning



जय ‎(jayám

  1. conquest, victory, triumph, winning, being victorious (in battle or in playing with dice or in a lawsuit)
  2. (in the plural, paroxytone) name of particular verses causing victory (personified as deities)
  3. Premna spinosa or Premna longifolia
  4. a yellow variety of Vigna mungo ( <= Phaseolus mungo)
  5. name of the 3rd year of the 6th lustrum of the bṛhaspati cycle
  6. (music) a kind of flute
  7. (music) a kind of measure
  8. the sun
  9. Arjuna
  10. Indra
  11. name of a rishi (author of RV. x, 180 ; son of Angiras or of Indra; living under the 10th manu)
  12. name of a spirit
  13. name of an attendant of Vishnu
  14. name of a Nāga
  15. name of a Danava
  16. name of a son
  17. name of an ancient king (11th cakravartin in Bharata)
  18. name of a Pandava hero
  19. name of a Yudhisthira at Virata's court
  20. name of Aśoka in a former birth
  21. name of a carpenter
  22. Terminalia chebula
  23. नीलदूर्वा ‎(nīla-dūrvā)
  24. for जपा ‎(japā)
  25. name of a narcotic substance
  26. the 3rd or 8th or 13th day of either half-month
  27. one of the 7 flag-sticks of Indra's banner
  28. name of the saurā dharmāḥ
  29. name of Durga
  30. name of a daughter of Dakṣa
  31. name of yoginī
  32. name of Śakti
  33. name of a handmaid of Durga
  34. name of a Buddhist deity (= Tārā)
  35. of the mother of the 12th arhat of the present Avsarpini



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