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From Sanskrit जय (jaya, victory).



जय (jayf

  1. victory, triumph
    Synonyms: जीत (jīt)


जय (jay)

  1. hail, glory, long live; victory to
    जय राम!jay rām!Hail Rāma!
    जय हिन्द!jay hind!Victory to India!

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From Proto-Indo-European *gʷey- (to win, conquer). Cognate with Ancient Greek βῐ́ᾱ (bíā).



जय (jayám

  1. conquest, victory, triumph, winning, being victorious (in battle or in playing with dice or in a lawsuit)
  2. (in the plural, paroxytone) name of particular verses causing victory (personified as deities)
  3. Premna spinosa or Premna longifolia
  4. a yellow variety of Vigna mungo ( <= Phaseolus mungo)
  5. name of the 3rd year of the 6th lustrum of the bṛhaspati cycle
  6. (music) a kind of flute
  7. (music) a kind of measure
  8. the sun
  9. Arjuna
  10. Indra
  11. name of a rishi (author of RV. x, 180 ; son of Angiras or of Indra; living under the 10th manu)
  12. name of a spirit
  13. name of an attendant of Vishnu
  14. name of a Nāga
  15. name of a Danava
  16. name of a son
  17. name of an ancient king (11th cakravartin in Bharata)
  18. name of a Pandava hero
  19. name of a Yudhisthira at Virata's court
  20. name of Aśoka in a former birth
  21. name of a carpenter
  22. Terminalia chebula
  23. नीलदूर्वा (nīla-dūrvā)
  24. for जपा (japā)
  25. name of a narcotic substance
  26. the 3rd or 8th or 13th day of either half-month
  27. one of the 7 flag-sticks of Indra's banner
  28. name of the saurā dharmāḥ
  29. name of Durga
  30. name of a daughter of Dakṣa
  31. name of yoginī
  32. name of Śakti
  33. name of a handmaid of Durga
  34. name of a Buddhist deity (= Tārā)
  35. of the mother of the 12th arhat of the present Avsarpini


Masculine a-stem declension of जय
Nom. sg. जयः (jayaḥ)
Gen. sg. जयस्य (jayasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative जयः (jayaḥ) जयौ (jayau) जयाः (jayāḥ)
Vocative जय (jaya) जयौ (jayau) जयाः (jayāḥ)
Accusative जयम् (jayam) जयौ (jayau) जयान् (jayān)
Instrumental जयेन (jayena) जयाभ्याम् (jayābhyām) जयैः (jayaiḥ)
Dative जयाय (jayāya) जयाभ्याम् (jayābhyām) जयेभ्यः (jayebhyaḥ)
Ablative जयात् (jayāt) जयाभ्याम् (jayābhyām) जयेभ्यः (jayebhyaḥ)
Genitive जयस्य (jayasya) जययोः (jayayoḥ) जयानाम् (jayānām)
Locative जये (jaye) जययोः (jayayoḥ) जयेषु (jayeṣu)

Related terms[edit]



जय (jayá)

  1. (at the end of a compound) conquering, winning



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