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From Proto-Indo-European *ḱak- ‎(branch). Cognates include Old Armenian ցախ ‎(cʿax, branch, twig), Gothic 𐌷𐍉𐌷𐌰 ‎(hōha, plough), Old East Slavic соха ‎(soxa, stake, club, brace, plough), Lithuanian šakà ‎(branch), Old Irish géc ‎(branch) and Persian شاخ ‎(šâx, branch).


शाखा ‎(śā́khāf

  1. branch (literally and figuratively)
    • RV 7.43.1
      पर वो यज्ञेषु देवयन्तो अर्चन दयावा नमोभिः परिथिवी इषध्यै |
      येषां बरह्माण्यसमानि विप्रा विष्वग वियन्ति वनिनो न शाखाः ||
      pra vo yajñeṣu devayanto arcan dyāvā namobhiḥ prithivī iṣadhyai |
      yeṣāṃ brahmāṇyasamāni viprā viṣvagh viyanti vanino na śākhāḥ ||
      SING out the pious at your sacrifices to move with adorations Earth and Heaven-
      The Holy Singers, whose unmatched devotions, like a tree's branches, part in all directions.
  2. a limb of the body, arm or leg
  3. finger
  4. the surface of the body
  5. a door-post (compare द्वारशाखा ‎(dvāra-śākhā))
  6. the wing of a building
  7. division, subdivision
  8. the third part of an astrological संहिता ‎(saṃhitā) (also शाखास्कन्ध ‎(śākhā-skandha), m.)
  9. shakha: a branch or school of the Veda (each school adhering to its own traditional text and interpretation)
  10. a branch of any science
  11. year
  12. = पाक्षान्तर ‎(pā-kṣā-ntara)
  13. = अन्तिक ‎(antika)



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