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Borrowed from Sanskrit शेष (śeṣa).



शेष (śeṣm

  1. residue, result
  2. end, finish
  3. (mathematics) remainder in division


Declension of शेष
Singular Plural
Direct शेष (śeṣ) शेष (śeṣ)
Oblique शेष (śeṣ) शेषों (śeṣõ)
Vocative शेष (śeṣ) शेषो (śeṣo)


शेष (śeṣ)

  1. remaining, residual


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शेष (śeṣam

  1. Name of a celebrated mythological thousand-headed serpent regarded as the emblem of eternity (whence he is also called अन्-अन्त, ‘the infinite’; in the विष्णु-पुराण he and the serpents वासुकि and तक्षक are described as sons of कद्रु, but in one place शेष alone is called king of the नागs or snakes inhabiting पाताल, while elsewhere वासुकि also is described as king of the नगs and तक्षक of the serpents; the thousand headed शेष is sometimes represented as forming the couch and canopy of विष्णु whilst sleeping during the intervals of creation, sometimes as supporting the seven पातालs with the seven regions above them and therefore the entire world; he is said to have taught astronomy to गर्ग; according to some legends he became incarnate in बल-राम)
  2. Name of one of the प्रजा-पतिs.
  3. Name of a मुनि (also with आचार्य, दीक्षित, शास्त्रिन्, etc.) of various authors (compare below)
  4. Name of one of the mythical elephants that support the earth.
  5. a kind of metre.


शेष (śeṣam or n

  1. that which is saved or spared or allowed to escape (nom. with √ अस्, or √ भू, ‘to be spared’; शेषं-√कृ, ‘to spare’, ‘allow to escape’; शेषम् अवाप् ‘to escape’).
  2. remaining (used as an adj. at the end of adj. comp. [f(आ).], compare कथा-श्°, कृत्य-श्°).
  3. remaining out of or from, left from (with abl. or loc., e.g. प्रयातेभ्यो ये शेषाः, ‘the persons left out of those who had departed’; but mostly ifc. after a pp. in comp., e.g. भुक्त-शेष, ‘remaining from a meal’, ‘remnant of food’; हत-शेषाः, ‘those left out of the slain’, ‘the survivors’, etc.) Mn. MBh., etc.
  4. end, issue, conclusion, finish, result.
  5. last, last-mentioned.
  6. a supplement, appendix.
  7. a keepsake, token of remembrance.
  8. secondary matter, accident.
  9. death, destruction.


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