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From Proto-Indo-European *ḱred dʰeh₁- (to place one's heart, i.e. to trust, believe), compound phrase of oblique case form of *ḱḗr (heart) (whence also Sanskrit हृदय (hṛ́daya)) and *dʰeh₁- (to put, place, set) (whence also Sanskrit दधाति (dádhāti)). Cognates include Latin crēdō (I believe) and Old Irish cretim (to believe).


श्रद्दधाति (śrad-dadhāti) (root śrad-√dhā, P, Ā)

  1. to have faith or faithfulness, have belief or confidence, believe, be true or trustful (RV. etc.)
    with (na)to disbelieve, etc.
  2. to credit, think anything true (+two accusatives) (MBh., Kāv. etc.)
  3. to believe or have faith in or be true to (with dative, and in later language with genitive of thing or person, or with locative of thing) (RV. etc.)
  4. to expect anything (+accusative) from (+ablative) (MBh.)
  5. to consent, assent to, approve, welcome (with accusative; with (na), "to disapprove") (Kathās.)
  6. to be desirous of (accusative), wish to (infinitive) (Kathās., BhP.)
  7. (causative) to make faithful, render trustful, inspire confidence (RV. X, 151, 5.)


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