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सुवर्ण ‎(su-várṇa)

  1. of a good or beautiful colour, brilliant in hue, bright, golden, yellow
  2. golden, made of gold
  3. of a good tribe or caste



सुवर्ण ‎(su-várṇam

  1. a good colour
  2. a good tribe or class
  3. a kind of bdellium
  4. the thorn-apple
  5. a kind of metre
  6. name of a देवगन्धर्व ‎(deva-gandharva)
  7. name of an ascetic
  8. name of a minister of दशरथ ‎(daśa-ratha)
  9. name of a son of अन्तरीक्ष ‎(antarīkṣa)
  10. name of a king of काश्मीर ‎(kāśmīra)
  11. name of a poet
  12. (rarely n) a particular weight of gold (= 1 कर्ष ‎(karṣa), = 16 माष ‎(māṣa)s, = 80 रक्तिका ‎(raktikā)s, = about 175 grains troy)
  13. a gold coin
  14. a kind of bulbous plant (= सुवर्णालु ‎(suvarṇā-lu))
  15. a kind of aloe
  16. a kind of sacrifice
  17. Sida rhombifolia or Sida cordifolia
  18. another plant (= स्वर्णक्षीरी ‎(svarṇakṣīrī))
  19. a bitter gourd, colocynth
  20. name of one of the seven tongues of fire
  21. name of a daughter of इक्ष्वाकु ‎(ikṣvāku) (the wife of सुहोत्र ‎(su-hotra))



सुवर्ण ‎(su-várṇan

  1. gold (of which 57 synonyms are given)
  2. money, wealth, property, riches
  3. a sort of yellow sandal-wood
  4. the flower of Mesua roxburghii
  5. a kind of vegetable (= गौरसुवर्ण ‎(gaura-suvarṇa))
  6. red ochre (= सुवर्णगैरिक ‎(suvarṇagairika))
  7. the right pronunciation of sounds
  8. name of a तीर्थ ‎(tīrtha)
  9. name of a particular world




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