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The cuneiform characters Unicode displays by default do not accurately represent the original script. To view the correct characters install the correct fonts at www.hethport.uni-wuerzburg.de.


From Proto-Indo-European *h₂elbʰós (white). Cognate to Latin albus (white), Ancient Greek ἀλφός (alphós, whiteness, white leprosy), Umbrian 𐌀𐌋𐌚𐌖 (alfu, white) and Middle Welsh elbid (world).


𒀠𒉺𒀸 (alpasc

  1. cloud


Phonemic transcription (IPA)
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative alpˈas alpˈɛs, alpˈis
vocative alpˈi, alpˈa
accusative alpˈan alpˈɔs
genitive alpˈas alpˈas, alpˈan
dative-locative alpˈi alpˈas
allative alpˈa
ablative alpˈat͡s alpˈat͡s
instrumental alpˈitː alpˈitː
The IPA values given in this table are reconstructed.
Broad transcription
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative alpaš alpeš, alpiš
vocative alpi, alpa
accusative alpan alpuš
genitive alpaš alpaš, alpan
dative-locative alpi alpaš
allative alpa
ablative alpaz(a) alpaz(a)
instrumental alpit alpit
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative al-pa-aš al-pe-eš, al-pi-iš
vocative al-pa, al-pi
accusative al-pa-an al-pu-uš
genitive al-pa-aš al-pa-aš, al-pa-an
dative-locative al-pi al-pa-aš
allative al-pa
ablative al-pa-az al-pa-az
instrumental al-pi-it al-pi-it
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative 𒀠𒉺𒀸 𒀠pe𒌍, 𒀠pi𒅖
vocative 𒀠𒉺, 𒀠pi
accusative 𒀠𒉺𒀭 𒀠𒁍𒍑
genitive 𒀠𒉺𒀸 𒀠𒉺𒀸, 𒀠𒉺𒀭
dative-locative 𒀠pi 𒀠𒉺𒀸
allative 𒀠𒉺
ablative 𒀠𒉺𒊍 𒀠𒉺𒊍
instrumental 𒀠pi𒀉 𒀠pi𒀉