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-hko (front vowel harmony variant -hkö)

  1. an adjectival suffix used with adjectives with back vowel harmony (a, o or u) in order to give the original adjective the meaning "quite, relatively, somewhat"; -ish
    nuori -> nuorehko = young -> relatively young, youthful
    vanha -> vanhahko = old -> relatively old, elderly, oldish


Inflection of -hko (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative -hko -hkot
genitive -hkon -hkojen
partitive -hkoa -hkoja
illative -hkoon -hkoihin
singular plural
nominative -hko -hkot
accusative nom. -hko -hkot
gen. -hkon
genitive -hkon -hkojen
partitive -hkoa -hkoja
inessive -hkossa -hkoissa
elative -hkosta -hkoista
illative -hkoon -hkoihin
adessive -hkolla -hkoilla
ablative -hkolta -hkoilta
allative -hkolle -hkoille
essive -hkona -hkoina
translative -hkoksi -hkoiksi
instructive -hkoin
abessive -hkotta -hkoitta
comitative -hkoine

Usage notes[edit]

  • The adjectives with this suffix have no comparative or superlative forms.