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From German Amtmann.


Amtmann (plural Amtmenn)

  1. (historical) An official in German-speaking countries of Europe in the Middle Ages, similar to a bailiff.
    • 1869 November, “A Hero of Waterloo”, in The Odd Fellow's Companion, page 252:
      The Amtmann promised to be silent. Forthwith he made his report about the discovery of the hero, abstaining from all allusion to the rum.
    • 1875, Richard Francis Burton, Ultima Thule: Or, A Summer in Iceland, volume 1, page 119:
      Under the Sýslumenn and appointed by the Amtmenn are the Hreppstjórar or Hreppstjórnarmenn, bailiffs and poor-inspectors with parochial jurisdiction.
    • 2016, Katherine Brun, The Abbot and his Peasants: Territorial Formation in Salem from the Later Middle Ages to the Thirty Years War:
      Political connections were also established when two sisters or other female kin each married an Amtmann, making them in-laws by marriage.

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Amt +‎ Mann


  • IPA(key): /ˈamtˌman/
  • Hyphenation: Amt‧mann
  • (file)


Amtmann m (genitive Amtmanns or Amtmannes, plural Amtmänner or Amtleute, female Amtfrau or Amtmännin)

  1. bailiff


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