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From Middle High German angest, from Old High German angust, from Proto-Germanic *angustiz.


  • IPA(key): [ʔaŋst]
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Angst f (genitive Angst, plural Ängste)

  1. fear; fright; anxiety
    • 2022, Rammstein, Angst:
      Alle haben Angst vorm schwarzen Mann
      All have fear of the black man / All are afraid of the black man

Usage notes[edit]

  • A distinction may be made (or may formerly have been made) between Angst meaning “fear as an emotional condition” and Furcht meaning “fear as the reasonable reaction to a threat”.
  • In contemporary German, the two words are widely treated as synonyms, with Angst being preferred over Furcht.
  • The exception to this is that Furcht can also express a respectful fear, which Angst cannot. For example, Furcht vor dem Vater ("fear of one's father") may be a powerful, submissive respect, whereas Angst vor dem Vater implies fear of paternal misconduct.


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Further reading[edit]

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  • IPA(key): /aŋkst/, /aŋks/, /aŋs/, /aŋst/


Angst f

  1. fear, trepidation
  2. anguish, deep concern