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From Middle English [Term?], from Anglo-Norman Aostin, Austin, a contraction of Old French Agustin, from Latin Augustīnus, from Augustus (literally majestic). Doublet of Augustine.


Proper noun[edit]


1954 Austin A40 Somerset
  1. A male given name from Old French, of Anglo-Norman origin.
  2. An English surname originating as a patronymic from the given name.
  3. A male given name transferred from the surname.
    • 1986 Hilary Mantel, Vacant Possession, Harper Perennial (2006), →ISBN, page 15:
      'He says the business with Austin doing take-and-drive-away, it's a deep compulsion he has, a compulsion to find out his real identity by sampling and testing out various machines.'
      'You mean it's the vicar's fault for naming him after a car?'
  4. A locale in Canada.
    1. A municipality of Quebec; named for Canadian Quaker Nicholas Austin.
    2. A community in Manitoba.
  5. A locale in the United States.
    1. The capital city of Texas, USA and the county seat of Travis County; named for American empresario Stephen F. Austin.
    2. A neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois; named for American politician and businessman Henry W. Austin Sr..
    3. A city, the county seat of Mower County, Minnesota; named for early settler Austin R. Nichols.
    4. A city in Indiana; named for the city in Texas.
    5. A city in Arkansas.
    6. A census-designated place in Lander County, Nevada; named for early settler Alvah Austin.
    7. An unincorporated community in Colorado; named for early settler Austin E. Miller.
    8. An unincorporated community in Kentucky.
    9. An unincorporated community in Missouri; named for local merchant William Austin.
    10. An unincorporated community in Ohio; named for local gristmill proprietor Austin Bush.
    11. A ghost town in Oregon; named for early settlers Minot and Linda Austin.
  6. A ghost town in Western Australia; named for Australian explorer Robert Austin.
  7. A former make of British motor car, named for founder Herbert Austin.

Alternative forms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]


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Austin (comparative more Austin, superlative most Austin)

  1. Augustinian.
    Austin friars




From English Austin, from Latin Augustīnus.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. a male given name from Latin

Middle English[edit]



  1. Augustine


Proper noun[edit]

Austin f

  1. Austin (a city, the state capital of Texas, United States)